African Rock Art

Rock art is the oldest style in Africa today. Usually this art consists of drawings of people, animals and both human and animals combined. The art was used for shamanism which is the special relationship or control over souls.

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African Masks

The Senufo mask is created by specialty artist who don't live with the tribe. The artists combine animal and human features all in to one design. Theses artists hold a high status in the tribe and these masks are known to help people talk to their dead ancestors. The particular ancestor that the mask usually worships is the Kolotyolo or Ancient Mother. She holds the most power and lesser Gods are known to be afraid of her. the Senufo mask is also used in the right of passage for boys becoming men.

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Christian Ethiopia

Ethiopia adopted Christianity in the 1st century AD. Christianity really became big in 330 AD.  Christianity was most taught to Ethiopia by  Frumentius. Frumentius was a Bishop who was shipwrecked and carried back to Axum. He then was told he must teach the learning's of Christianity. He brought his knowledge to the Aksumite Kingdom (which is now, modern day Ethiopia).

Anymore Christianity is the main religion in Ethiopia. Christians take up 62.8% of Ethiopia.

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Location & Economy:

- The Baganda tribe is located in Uganda

- Use their own currency

- Rely on trade and farming to make money


- Making baskets, playing music and bark-cloth

Identification and Rites of Passage:

- A tribe's person goes through four stages

- The umbilical cord is saved for a ritual where the people gain their clan names


- Mostly Christian

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Slave Trade (1750-1850)

The slave trade was booming at this point in time. America was growing in population and slaves were wanted more. The triangle trade route was really big at this time as well. Europe would bring goods to African kings and the kings would give Europe slaves. From there the slaves would be taken to America. America would then send goods that the slaves had produced to Europe.

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Germany and Africa

Germany colonized East, West and Southwest Africa. Germany tried colonizing Africa for military purposes. During World War one Germany tried gaining land so they colonized Africa. The French forces ended up driving all German forces out of Africa which helped stop Germany's progress.

African Issue: Ethiopians & Ebola

Almost 200 Ethiopians showed up in West Africa to help the Ebola struggle. With nearly 300 staff members dying, parts of Africa were needing major help. Africa was having its worst outbreak ever, killing more than 6,800 people. A total of 187 nurses and doctors were distributed through out West Africa. More than 260 Cubans were sent to help as well in West Africa.

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