Types of plays

Histories, Comedies, and Tragedies

A comedy is when the main character or hero ends up in a position that is better than when he started; and vice versa for the tragedy. A history is simply a reenactment of an important historical event.

Men Playing the Role of Women

Most female roles were taken by younger boys between the ages 13 and 19 with low muscle tone and a high pitched voice.

Where They Performed Before Theater Construction

Before theater construction, most drama was performed at popular gathering places. Stages were on balconies, in courtyards, or on modified stagecoach.

Rehearsal Procedure

There was barely any rehearsal time for performances because of the amount of performances they had in a week which created cue acting and scripting.

Audience and Their Behavior

The Elizabethan theatre audiences attracted people from all classes. Men and women attended plays, but often the prosperous women would wear a mask to disguise their identity


The different colors of costume meant different characteristics of a character .The colors of the costumes therefore conveyed an enormous amount of information as soon as the actor walked on to the stage

Special Effects

In performances , the Globe Theatre used cannons and fireworks to create a dramatic effect on the performance or entrance of an actors entering stage.

The Globe Theater

The globe Theatre was built in 1599 in southwark on the south bank of London’s River Thames. It had three stories of seating and was able to hold up to 3,000 spectators

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