Jurassic Park

A Novel You Should Read

What Is The Jurassic Park Novel About?

It sorta like the movie but better. It starts out at the beach in Costa Rica when a young girl is attacked by a revived dinosaur. After the news about it gets out paleontologist Allan Grant, goes to a amusement park under construction called Jurassic Park. He finds out that scientist have been cloning and reviving dinosaur DNA for the park.

Until something goes wrong...

Jurassic Park Book Cover

Why You Should Read This

You should read this because, this is a very interesting book and is perfect if you like dinosaurs, science, and suspense in your books. This book is also a science fiction book and a #1 New York Times Bestseller. This book will be a little descriptive about the deaths of some of the characters and dinosaurs. But overall this is an amazing book that you should read!

The Author

Michael Crichton is an amazing writer of fiction and non-fiction books. But he was not just a writer he was also a filmmaker, and he is best know for the book im telling you about, Jurassic Park. He graduated from

Harvard College, and received his MD from Harvard Medical School.

Best-selling author Michael Crichton died unexpectedly in Los Angeles Tuesday, November 4, 2008 after a courageous and private battle against cancer. R.I.P

Michael Crichton

He has a website too!

Here is the movie trailer just to give you a tinny idea about what the book will be like.

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