Can you stop smoking!

Dear Grandpa,

       Can you stop smoking. It is bad for you.If you keep on smoking your oxygyen will beep as fast. I don’t like it when you smoke. It stinks everywhere on your stuff.Your hands will turn purpleish. Your teef will turn yellow,and worst of all your toung will turn green and it will be hard to eat food . You will have to take serdry and you might be gone.

      Smoking is very expencive .Its to much money.You always use money just to buy sigerites. Spend time with your grand children .Imagine that you were alone at your house . I missed you . Use your money to buy food.

       Hey do you know what that can make me happy is that you can smoking . Because smoking is bad for you I don’t want nothing to happen to you. You are the best in the wourld. But the cigraite is not the best.

       The stuff in that cigraite is tobcco it has stuf inside it that will make you waste your money. The person put some secrit ingrediants to get your money you need to stop smoking. That will make me feel better.

       Smoking a cigrate is very unhealthy. I think you are making the wrong decitions. So as you can see I don’t want anyone to smoke not even you. No matter what it is bad. GUESS WHATT IT HAS POISON INSIDE THAT SIGERATE THAT WILL KEEP YOU SMOKING!!!!




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