Justin McKenzie, CIO: Excellent Leadership and Experience

Justin McKenzie, CIO became a CIO through years of hard work building on his experience and leading to results. He has improved the IT department of many organizations over the years with his groundbreaking approach to leadership and IT management. McKenzie is not afraid to hear new ideas and try new technologies and research to improve every organization he has worked for. McKenzie tries to link people together with his approachable style and his position as a thought leader within an organization.

Justin McKenzie has worked for years to improve all organizations he has been involved with through new and different approaches to Information Technology. One approach he has used and continues to champion is the use of research computing to analyze data. Research computing involves the development of algorithms and computer programs to interpret and analyze sets of data. This method of computational science is already in heavy use for scientists and programmers, but in some organizations, this approach is still new and different. Justin McKenzie, CIO, works every day to try to change that he believes in the potential of scientific computation because the methods used to interpret data in this way lends itself to high standards of accuracy and reporting of the straight facts. He thinks that this is the best way to weed out bias and see the actual hard numbers within a system.

Justin McKenzie CIO is one of the few IT professionals to come into an organization with seriously revolutionary ideas. He is not afraid to think outside the box when coming up with new ways to improve IT systems in any organization, including academic ones.

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