Justin McKenzie WSSU: An Articulate Man

Justin McKenzie of WSSU is an IT professional with many years of experience. He has worked with major corporations and many institutions of higher education and has a proven ability to lead technical professionals and projects, and collaborate with supported divisions.

He is an organized and effective leader skilled at relationship and team building, technology planning, and budget and cost control, among many other skills. One of the things that make Justin McKenzie of WSSU such an effective leader is his skill as a communicator. He is known as an articulate man who is capable of expressing his ideas simply and clearly. He says that being articulate is one of the most important business skills that anyone can possess; it might even be the most important.

As Justin McKenzie WSSU knows, speaking articulately conveys the impression of someone who has a well-educated and cultured mind. As a man who holds several degrees, including an MBA, this is certainly the case with him. He is able to express himself clearly when it comes to Information Technology because he knows his subject matter so well. He has several degrees relating directly to IT and has spent many years working with IT in various capacities.

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