Justin McKenzie, CIO - Experienced and Organized

Justin McKenzie, CIO, says that he stays organized by writing everything in his “master notebook”. McKenzie is known in the world of academic administration as an extremely meticulous and organized leader. People who have worked for him know to expect him to remember and handle every situation that comes across his desk in the order in which it was received. Every time. Without fail. McKenzie says that he learned this leadership and organizational style from his father. McKenzie’s father used to write down every task he needed to perform ever

y day in a massive notebook, which he also called his “master notebook.” 

Justin McKenzie, CIO , says that, while he doesn’t necessarily write everything down in pen like his father with the advent of word processors and Google Calendars, but he says that he finds handwriting notes about his daily tasks is extremely helpful. McKenzie says that he remembers things better if he writes them down. Neuroscientists agree. Studies have shown that memory is much stronger if there is an action associated with it, alm

ost a muscle memory.

Justin McKenzie, CIO, is known for his dynamic leadership style, and for his ability to never lose sight of all items on his agenda, no matter how small. His family says that there is a timeline for every little task in his day, from making coffee in the morning to taking out the trash at night. McKenzie says that his organizational skills have led him to the career he enjoys today. Without it, he says he would be lost every single day of his life.

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