Don't let people tell you what to do you skate however you want to skate
Jake Brown

I believe in theLove
the love sports
the bond with friendship
the power of snowboarding
the love for god
love love love

I believe in Skateboarding
I believe inThe Ravens
I believe in_Asians
rice Chicken soy sauce,
And I believe in Asian Culture

My personal credo

My credo that I live my life by is (don’t let people tell you what to do you skate however you want to skate) By professional skateboarders. My credo means that don’t let people tell you whats wrong and whats not you live your life however you want to live it.

I formed this belief by Skateboarding, My family members have never skated in there lifetime, I first heard of my credo in a movie “True To This” I heard this credo and i knew right away I would base this on my life.

They are important to me because, I really love and have a passion for skateboarding, I feel like i need to stick with these beliefs because when I am skating I wont to be free I don’t want to be bossed around i want to skate how I want to skate.

As long as I am skating my credo will never change until I die, The only thing that ever might change my opinion on my credo will be if my health is bad and if the doctors say i cannot skate anymore

To all the people that skate out there I would like everyone to follow and go by my credo. I think that it will help people to have courage for there selves and to not be scared and to live there life my by credo.

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