Does she loves me?

I think she is not anymore in my heart

I always feel so wierd with her. I told her I love her she didnt listen she start hating me our conversations on facebook were not the same. I thought she had something for me, but she just saw me as a kid as his friend I cant say it doesnt hurt. But I didnt wanna cry I feel at the time strong to not give up to wake up to get into the reality.

I know I have done so much bad things but I wanna change at the end I find out things will never be the same I couldnt try it anymore. She never taught to me the same way. I think that today I hate love but tomorrow it will be diferent I know things will change I could change. I couldnt control my fear. I try to forget her to get her out of my head, but nothing function.

Sense that day I have not been the same I only have the idea to forget her, but I keep remebering her. I see her everytime she does not care about what I feeel I keep telling in my head forget her forget her but I cant. M friends are there always telling me there are going to be other girls but my head tells to me thats not true that I wont find a girl like her but I could find a girl better than she is. So I think is this karma. Karma once said you are going to love a person who doesnt likes you for not loving who loves you.

                            What does I done wrong?