Suva, Fiji and It's Climate

Written By: John Manuel

The amazing and beautiful city of Suva can be found in the gorgeous tropical climate zone. In this climate zone it is very humid. It is also generally warm there because they are an island. Some of you might be thinking "why the in the world would being an island have to do with its temperature?". That's a good question. The island of Fiji and all islands have moderated temperatures because the water around them warms up the temperature.  

Hopefully if you're planning to go to Fiji it is not in the winter. This region in the winter is very rainy. This is caused by the evaporation of the ocean. You might find different plants in this area because it has different precipitation patterns than other countries.

Fortunately Fiji is a flat land. This means that the wind there generally goes in one direction. This is caused by the flatness of the land. But there normally isn't winds in Fiji because they are so close to the equator.

Knowing Fiji you're probably guessing that it is sea level and you're correct. With them being at sea level everything is more humid. This can increase the temperature by a lot. I hope if you ever want to go to Fiji, you remember these great facts on their climate.

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