My tribes:

The tribe of daughters

The tribe of dog lovers

The tribe of lazy people

The tribe of sisters

The tribe of singers

The tribe of dancers

The tribe of students

The tribe of friends

The tribe of family

The tribe of organizers

The tribe of music lovers

The tribe of food lovers

My two tribes I will explain are: Singers and friends


I LOVE SINGING! I sing everyday (well I have choir so...) but when I get home from school I sing with the app called "Starmaker". Whenever I'm sad, mad etc. I sing. I sing because it makes me feel better. It clears my mind, all the bad things, all the sad things.  And because it's fun!


I love my friends! They are awesome, amazing, funny etc. Having a friend is the best! Because they are there when you need them(sometimes). They can be soooo annoying sometimes! We all have best friends or just friends or maybe not all of us have one.. Anyways... My friends always make me laugh! And I really love laughing.