RRJL avoids micro finace crisis

Hi, hola, ahoj, hallo, γεια, ciao.  My name is Liam Dimitri Pigott and I wil be representing RRJL today.  Mi nombre es Liam Dimitri Pigott y voy a estar representando a RRJL hoy.  Jmenuji se Liam Dimitri Pigott a já wil být reprezentující RRJL dnes.  Mein Name ist Liam Dimitri Pigott und ich werde heute RRJL vertreten.  Το όνομά μου είναι Liam Δημήτρη Pigott και εγώ wil να εκπροσωπεί RRJL σήμερα.  On the last day to get funded RRJL maneged to get funded when we needed 15% of our loan.  If we handed gotten funded this symbol will describe what it would be like. 🇬🇷. En el último día para obtener financiación RRJL maneged para obtener financiado cuando nosotros el necesraio 15% de nuestro préstamo. Si nos dieron recibido financiado este símbolo se describe lo que sería como. 🇬🇷. Na poslední den RRJL, aby se financované maneged, aby se financovala, když jsme 15% našeho úvěru. Pokud jsme předali dostali financován tento symbol bude popisovat, jaké to wiuld vypadat. 🇬🇷. Am letzten Tag erhalten RRJL finanziert, wenn wir 15% unseres Darlehens erhalten. Wenn wir übergeben bekamen, finanziert dieses Symbol wird beschreiben, wie es sein würde. 🇬🇷. Την τελευταία ημέρα για να χρηματοδοτηθεί RRJL maneged για να χρηματοδοτηθεί, όταν το 15% των δανείων μας. Αν παρέδωσε πάρει χρηματοδοτηθεί αυτό το σύμβολο θα περιγράψει τι wiuld είναι παρόμοια. 🇬🇷.  We had a really good first sale and made $54 but a few hours later one of RRJL's workers completely unraveled are raffle tickets and left the rest of our group to clean it up.  He did help a bit but it was a big wast of time because the tickets he fulded got unraveled.  I think one thing we do well is communicate and collaborate.  We are always talking and collaborating and sharing ideas (and annoying each other).  I have chosen to reflect on opennes to new ideas and ways of thinking. I need to work on my ways of thinking because according to a few people I have a bad way of thinking or a bad way of solving a problem.  The way I have been working on this is by asking people how to solve the problem correctly instead of my way of solving the problem.

Being a borrower is a lot more stressful than I thought it woukd be.  You have a lot of obstacles that appear right after you get over the first one.  Some examples are having a set amount you need to pay every month and not nowing if your going to sell prodect.  Being a borrower is streesful, annoying, frustrating, and hard (a.k.a. I want to go back to being the lender).

The global competence that relates with me the most is probably problem solving.  The reason I think problem solving is because my group has had a lot of problems and some of them I solved, such as our group's financials and I set up for sales before the rest of my team is at school.

I say the quote that fits RRJL's journey the best is "a penny saved is a penny earned" becasue we didn't make a single loan until we got the money from fidget spinner sales.  By that I mean we were very careful how we spent out money.  We only had two raffles and we didn't spend money on loans until we had bought shares in the fidget spinners.