Brazil is a beautiful country full of culture,beautiful sun-kissed beaches and glorious landscapes,wonderful food and lots more.

                                                            by Sophia Gonzalez P.1


  • The capital of Brazil is Brasilia
  • The major language is Portuguese
  • The location is Latin America
  • Average population is 202,033,670


  • The Amazon river is the only major body of water
  • The major cities are San Paulo,and Rio De Janerio


    • Temperature below the equator are high averaging above 77, but not reaching the summer extremes 104.
    • Average Yearly Rainfall is 1,761 mm per year


    • Popular music-Samba is the most popular music in Brazil
    • Clothing-Brazil is known for is stylish and sophisticated clothing, Brazilian clothing are comfortable,vividly colored beautifully crafted and decorated with accessories
    • Top 3 holidays-1.New years 2.Easter 3.Carnival

    Interesting Facts

    • unusual laws-Gambling is prohibited. Despite that, due to the anachronistic nature of this law - as it was approved back in 1946 - online gambling is permitted as the internet is not regulated as part of the Brazilian territory. Physical gambling in Brazil is prohibited due to the impossibility of the government to monitor winnings made in such games
    • hunting-Since 1967 hunting as a profession is strictly forbidden in Brazil. Although subsistence hunting is permitted, it is done only in order to preserve the lifestyle of indigenous tribes in Brazil.
    • smoking in public places- A law which forbid smoking in public places will be further enforced by a law that becomes effective in December 2014. This law was passed mainly in order to protect passive smokers. The law forbids the previously legal smoking areas and thus smoking is permitted only in five different public locations:
    • Religious cults where smoking is part of the ritual
    • Tobacco shops
    • Flim institusions
    • Research and Development laboratories for smoking products
    •   Heath care institutions, when the doctor allows the patient to smoke which i personally think is weird would it not make the patient more sick.
    • STORY BEHIND THE FLAG- The Brazilian flag begins with a dark green background with a large yellow diamond in the middle. In the center of the diamond is a blue globe with 27 five-pointed white stars. Each star represents one of each of the states in the Federal District, which are arranged in the same pattern as the Brazil night sky. Across the globe is a white banner that reads, “Ordem E Progresso,” that translates in English to Order and Progress.Just like with the American flag, each color stands for something very important to the Brazilian culture. Yellow represents the gold reserves the country holds. Green symbolizes the great Amazon Rainforest, Atlantic Jungle, and the Panama – all of their amazing tropical landscape.
    • Social taboos
    • The "O.K. sign is considered vulgar or obscene. Thumbs up should make the point.
      Snapping fingers means something was done long ago or for a long time
    • Semi-casual clothes are appropriate in Rio de Janeiro, but pack a suit if your destination is Sao Paolo. This corporate center is more formal.
    • f invited to diner, send flowers and a thank you note to your hostess the following day. Do not send purple flowers (a symbol of death)

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