Readin journal:Wiley and grampa 6-4-14

Your Headline

Dear Mr.jairo

What I read was about that wiley and grampa had another new adventure. They went to a monster truck show and dracula was there. When they get to there all the crowd were monster except both.Then Dracula recognize that and invite them to compete. Finally some dangerous things happened to them.

This book was the first one from the saga. I think is not one of the best is good,but not the best. It will be better if wiley, grampa, gramma and other persons fight against Dracula and their monsters. If I get to write books at the future I will be one of the best, because I think I am very deep in my writing.If I write books could be of love, adventure and fiction.Those are my favorite gener.

I think the author could improve more if he make more books, but with more action otherwise his writing will still the same. I could say that his writing is original too. The books are unique. Wiley and grampa are unique characters.The idea about a grampa and a boy fighting against monsters is incredible I love it.

                                                                      THE END