AP Psychology

How does your brain work?

In AP Psychology I learned a lot of things of the human society and human person. We first started by learning about the history about Psychology and its past. We also learn about the different research methods used in psychology and the biological bases that control someone's behavior. We wen't over sensation and perception and different types of learning styles such as, classical conditioning and operant conditioning. In total we go over many other things like Cognition, Motivation and Emotion, Developmental Psychology, Personalities, Social Psychology, Testing and Individual differences, Abnormal Psychology, and the treatment of psychological disorders. My favorite topic so far is Developmental Psychology because it teaches a lot about human life. The topic works like a child development class but without taking the actual class. It gave me information on how I can raise my kid in a good way. Everything we studied applies to the real world because it happens in real life. Most of the examples are real life examples so they do relate to the "real world."  

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