Mongols and the Yuan Dynasty

This is Genghis Khan. He is the Mongol that was responsible for uniting all of the individual Mongol clans and conquering most of Asia.

While the whole video would help you understand more about the Mongols, watch from 2:39 to 4:09 to learn more about Genghis Khan and the empire he built.

This picture depicts what life could have been like during the Pax Mongolia, or the period of Mongolian Peace. If you click on the picture above, it will take you to a website with a small article about the Pax Mongolia. Read the whole article to find out a little more about the benefits of this time period.

The Yuan Dynasty was created when Kublai Khan (Genghis Khan's grandson) became the Great Khan of the Mongol Empire.

The Mongols began as nomadic clans. Once Genghis Khan unified all the clans, they became tough people and fearless warriors that left a trail of blood wherever they fought. However, once they conquered an area, they lived in peace. Trade brought and spread cultures, ideas, and resources during the Pax Mongolia. In the Yuan Dynasty, many different aspects of Chinese culture were adopted and Kublai Khan built a walled city in the capital. Kublai Khan placed heavy taxes on the Chinese, using that money to construct public works.