Assyrian Empire

By: Hugo Estrella, Collin Macapagal


  • The Assyrian people were very "war like" because they were feared for there military might and their cruelty.
  • Their king lead them like he pleased and was very powerful.
  • Their greatest achievements were their new weapons and war strategies.


  • Their Assyrian language was called Cuneiform and looked nothing like the English written  language.


  • They had really advanced art skills. They once made a sculpture of a winged bull with 5 legs that stood guard before the place of an Assyrian king!


  • The Assyrian Empire lasted about 300 years at its most, the Assyrian empire stretched from the hottest Egypt to the Persian gulf.
  • Interesting Fact: Defeated solders were forced to wear their defeated enemy leader's head around their neck, imagine how much that would stink!
  • They took over many cities, their king must be a really war like!


  • Aquaduct was the name of their water irrigation system, invented canals to bring water faster and in more amount.
  • They invented the bow and arrow to invade other empires.

Link Of Map Of Assyrian Empire

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