The Magna Carta

1. The English church will be free and have all of its rights and liberties unimpaired.  The rights will be passed down and can not be taken away.

It relates because our government gives our country the freedom of religion.

2. Every person is equal and has their own rights and can not be stripped of them.

This relates because the government gives us our rights to a fair trial and try not to give anyone wrongful imprisonment.

3. It is illegal to own slaves, people are equal.

The government has made it to own slaves.

4. People are free to go where they please unless their country has declared war.

We are legally allowed to go where we please, and we only trust our allies.

5. The borders should be open to any people, unless the country is at war.

The government has set up immigration laws and such, but people are allowed to travel as they please

6. All of these laws that we have passed will stay the same, and everyone is equal, and all the laws will apply to the people equally.

The government tries not to change laws that they have put in place, and if you commit a crime against the law, you will go to jail, regardless of race or authority.

7. The Barons and I will uphold these laws all the days of our lives.

Our government tries to uphold our laws to the best of their abilities.

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