I died.

First off, I'll be saying crap you're not even interested with and I don't really care if you will even bother reading this or not (because that's the spirit of amateur blogging!) Second off, I'm just here to procrastinate since my bird brain is so tired of thinking about my Comm 100 homework. Third off, hi. So we're kind of required to sign up to this bogging site and we're meant to post stuff here so yeah, I am here and this is my first post. Welcome, citizens of Panem.

I was thinking (very hard) of a really impressive first text post on this blog for almost 4 days now and I'm still (aggressively) undecided. So, whatever, I'm just gonna vent about The Hunger Games trilogy! (Which I just finished last night).

Mga kaibigan, isang madamdaming nobela na naman ang ating natunghayan. Ano nang gagawin ko sa buhay?

Let me just say this for once. Shit. I am only human and I am beyond repair at the moment. I have no one to talk about the damned book (because I have no friends) and I cried for approximately 20 minutes after reading Mockingjay. FINNICK. LEEG 2. PRIM. KATNISS' MOM. EVERYONE ELSE WHO DIED FOR THE FACE OF THE REBELLION. GALE. AND PEETA. PEETA.  OH MY GOD. I JUST CANNOT CONTAIN THE FEELS I HAVE FOR THIS BOOK AND I CAN'T WAIT FOR NOVEMBER 21 TO COME AND CONSUME MY LIFE AND JUST BAWL MY EYES OUT IN FRONT OF THE BIG SCREEN. Suzanne Collins, what have you done to my unhealthy youth.

However, it is, indeed another extraordinary role given to one of the century's most famous celebrity, Josh Hutcherson. Yet another act of unconditional love played by this boy. Once again, ladies and gentleman, I am amazed.

To end this off, I am warning anyone else who's planning to read this very beautiful yet drastic/tragic/unfair/hurtful/emotional (Honestly, I have no words for how much it affected me) to ready yourself physically and emotionally of the biggest plot twist of the entire literary world. I'm just over reacting but I'm not kidding about how much I can't think straight after reading it. So, yes. Go give it a try and cry with me.