Froot Loops

Stephanie Gross

Trademark character: Toucan Sam has been the mascot for the cereal brand Froot Loops since its creation in 1963. Over the years, the toucan has undergone an accent change as well as multiple slight appearance changes.

Slogan: "Follow your nose! For the fruity taste that shows!"

Fact:  The cereal has been referenced several times in pop culture. Some of the TV shows include The Simpsons, Seinfeld, and The Big Bang Theory.


Other product within the brand: Froot Loops cereal bar

Fact:  The character of Toucan Sam originally had an American accent but it was later changed to an English accent

Fact: Although each color of Froot Loops is said to have a different flavor, they all taste the same.

Branding Image: Froot Loops is trying to create an image of a fun and colorful cereal. The brand uses plenty of vibrant colors that stand out that are sure to attract attention on the cereal aisle in the grocery store.

Target Market: Kids from ages 2-11. (Froot Loops primarily market to children)

Secondary Market: Adults ages 18 and older.

Fact: Froot Loops were introduced in England in 2012. Due to an English law, only the secondary colors were present in the cereal. (Blue, green, and purple).

Fact: The colors on Toucan Sam’s beak represent the three original Froot Loop flavors; yellow, red, and orange. (Orange, cherry, lemon)

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