Principles of the Declaration

By: Regan Beagle

Signing of the Declaration of Independce

Unalienable Rights and Government by Consent

Unalienable rights: cannot be taken away or denied.                                                                    

In the Declaration of Independence: people have unalienable rights of life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.

Government by consent: that the authority of a government should depend on the consent of the people, as expressed by votes in elections.

Responsible for our Rights

People who are responsible for our rights are the government. The government is responsible because they have to make sure that they are follow all the rules and they do all the things that the declaration of independence declared for America.

The government guarantees us also because they have to follow all the rights in the declaration and make sure that we are getting what we need to get.

This is the Federal Government of the United States.

Consent of the Govern

The government needs consent of the govern for Americans to vote so they have fairness in the rights. Voting gives Americans to vote for what they think is right and what they think the government needs to be like. Americans vote every four years for a new president and every year for state laws/rights.

Americans voting

Principles of Unalienable Rights and Government by Consent in the Declaration

The principles of unalienable rights and government by consent in the declaration are still true today in the government, in court, and many more in America. Some are not true today because they are unfair to women, african americans, and many more americans. The ones that are outdated could be change to be present laws.

Orginal copy of the Declaration of Independece.

Do these Principles Matter to you?

The principles matter to me because the Declaration of Independence laws happen in America every day. When I am an adult and I vote these will matter to be because I be able to have freedom of speech and freedom for what I think is right. It will also matter to  me because after learning this I know what is good about this and bad about this.

freedom of speech

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