Muso Soseki,
The Japanese Poet

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  A Poem by Muso Soseki:

Green Mountains have turned yellow so many times, The troubles and worries of the world of things no longer bother me. One grain of dust in the eye will render the three worlds small to see, When the mind is still the floor where I sit is endless space.

Early Life

Born into a prominent family, Muso's Buddhist training began when he was three years old. As a child he could recite the long canonical Lotus Sutra, and at the age of eight he was studying Chinese classics, both Confucian and Taoist. Before he was eighteen he had a dream in which he was led to a mountain temple where an old monk gave him a half-bust portrait of Bodhidharma, the first patriarch of the Zen school. From that time on Muso sought out various Zen masters for his training, some of whom were Chinese emigres at notable Zen temples such Kencho-ji and Engaku-ji in Kamakura.

His Occupation

Born in 1275, he was a Zen priest and studied Buddhism devoutly from an extremely young age. He studied Tendai and Shingon Buddhism for a long time before switching to Zen. Muso became a fully ordained Zen priest in 1307, receiving the "robe", the symbol of transmission of teaching, from his master Koho Kennichi (1241-1316).

Death Date

Sadly, Muso Soseki died on October 20, 1351. We don't exactly know how yet but, this was all the information I could find on his death date.

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