Chapter 11

Lori Streu Ed. S/LPC


*Co sharing personal experience, thoughts, feelings using "I" statements
*Encourages additional trust between CO and CL
*Makes for a more "equal" relationship

About Self-Disclosure


Potential downfalls to self-disclosure

*Co talks more / can monopolize session
*can be too open too soon

Potential Perks to Self-Disclosure

*Can build trust quickly
*Clients have reported a normalizing effect

Giving Feedback to the Client

*Must have good rapport/trust
*Two kinds: Positive & Corrective

Positive Feedback:
Find things RIGHT about your client--
Help them discover their wellness, Strengths, assets, etc.

Corrective Feedback:
DELICATE balance (negative + Positive suggestions for future)
Brings focus to things CL is doing wrong
Be nonjudgmental