Let it...

In life, we always are worried about different problems: money, family, relationship, etc. Also, we catch ourselves inside of a big bubble created by people, and that tries to teach us how to behave, wear, and even how to think. 

Everyone in this world lives in society. We have relationships that show us our necessity for being with others surrounding us most of the time. Friends, family and mates are examples of our interpersonal relations that we have during our lives as human beings. As well, people need rules and laws to protect them from each other, and secure their rights.

However, living in society is more than just stay together, and obey rules and laws. That means respect everyone else’s ideas, thoughts, opinions, but it also means protect and preserve our own desires and opinions. Because of that, do not let people choose your thoughts, actions or who you will be eventually.

Respect everyone else’s space, but do not ignore your own life.

Life is an unique opportunity to be here and enjoy this paradise. Do not try to take control of everything just LET it.

Heart -> Let it love

You -> Let you be

Life-> Let it happen

Love -> Let it come in

Passion -> Let it burn

Let everything go….Just live.

See you around!


Picture By Salman Shaheen.