The Worm

By: F. Bryant

Viruses affect many computers across the world. There are different kinds of viruses such as a worm and a Trojan horse or a worm. You must be carefull for viruses because when they get in your computer they can’t get out. Read the paragraph below about

The Morris Worm in 1998 is one of the worst viruses in the world.Affected 10% of all of the internet computers. That is 60,000 computers! The cost is 100,000 throughout 1,000,000 dollars. Robert Morris is responsible for all of this.

To protect your computer from computer viruses: Install an Antivirus program,enable your Firewall, use a pop-up blocker with your browser, turn on UAC ( User Account Control ), and don’t open email attachments that you don’t know of.

Also Robert Morris was the first person  to make a computer.

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