Rachel Dachenbach

My Faith Journey

If I could describe my faith journey in one word, I would choose the word doubt.  Though doubt seems to contradict faith, it describes the high and low points of my journey which have ultimately set me on the path to my vocation.  I was raised in the Lutheran church and have always enjoyed the richness of the church tradition, a passion which drew me to attend a Lutheran university.  During my time in college, I faced some difficult personal situations where I was forced to question my faith and began to doubt God's plan for my life.  I spent the next couple of years working to discern my vocational path, and though I often doubted that any good could come from the negative experiences I had, I discovered that these situations stirred up in me a passion for social work.  The search for a program to pursue was an additional struggle, and I became discouraged when I was unable to enroll at the schools of my choice.  In my doubt however, God provided me with a wonderful opportunity to attend seminary as well as earn my social work degree.  During the next two years, I will be studying theology and social work through the dual-degree program at Luther Seminary and Augsburg.  I have finally reached a point where I can be comfortable with the unknown and trust the God can work through anything, even doubt, to create something good and beautiful. 

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