Fidel Castro

Profile of Fidel Castro

Fidel Alejandro Castro Ruz was born on August 13, 1926 in Birán, in Cuba's eastern Oriente Province. He was the third of six children in his family. His father Angel was a wealthy sugar plantation owner in Spain. Fidel was educated in a private Jesuit boarding schools while growing up in wealthy circumstances . He was very intelligent through school but was more interested in sports, such as baseball. Fidel Castro graduated High School then attended law school at University of Havana and became a part of a political climate of Cuban nationalism, anti-imperialism, and socialism. In 1947, Castro became increasingly passionate about social justice. He then travelled to the Dominican Republic to join an expedition attempting the overthrow of the dictator Rafael Trujillo. which failed in the end. He then moved back to University of Havana and joined the Partido Ortodoxo, which is an anti-communist political party. He became a dictator , solidified his power with the military and Cuba’s economic elite , and got his government recognized by the United States. On July 26, 1953 he and almost 150 supporters attacked the Moncada military barracks in a an attempt to overthrow Batista. This attacked failed and Castro was captured and sentence 15 years in prison. Then he became famous throughout Cuba.

Interview with Fidel Castro

This interview is about Fidel Castro's agrument on why he does not let or believe in freedom of speech for Cuba. He thinks that having it is not worth it and you do not need it if the people do not do anything. Yet the people of Cuba deny the reason to riot because it is not allowed. He has many reason on why freedom of speech is not in his favor. Watch for more information about it above.

Poem of Freedom of Speech

Fidel Castro, the dictator of Cuba

states that freedom of speech is just an idea

that without any conflict, he is speechless like a larva.

He shakes his head when anyone disagrees

he closes his eyes and just freezes.

Cuba is known for not being ferocious

like a snail within feet of a bear, anxious.

Essential Question

Why does Fidel castro really have a problem with having the right of Freedom of Speech in Cuba? Why is he so afraid of it and willneve have a positive thought about it?