Individual Participation in Group Research

Activity 1

Understand Group Collaboration

Match ideas generated by YOUR FEEDBACK list on how to make group work better and TERMS that describe best practice in GROUP RESEARCH.

Each group will receive a packet with small slips of paper containing:

- A set of TERMS that describe GROUP RESEARCH

- A set of YOUR IDEAS to make group experience better.

Read the definitions for the GROUP RESEARCH TERMS and discuss in your group how you can match those with YOUR IDEAS. Match those slips of paper.

Activity 2

Unpack a Self-Assessment Rubric on Group Research

Each group will be an expert in the RUBRIC indicators below:

- THINK: Identify Question, Find & Evaluate Sources

- CREATE: Organize information.

- CREATE: Draw a conclusion.

In your group, discuss and fill out each empty box with a TERM representing best practice in GROUP RESEARCH, as shown below.

After discussion, each indicator expert group will share understanding with the class.

Activity 3

You may now wonder how all this looks like in practice. Take a look at the NOTETAKING TEMPLATE below and discuss how the rubric may come alive as you take notes collaboratively.

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