The Chemical Reaction of Hydrogen Peroxide and Yeast
By: Harsika Nuvvala and Kyrie Godfrey

Lab Quest Graph

Explanation of Chemical Reaction

2H2O2 ----> 2H2O+O2 (Balanced)

The reactants of this chemical reaction are 4 Hydrogen Peroxide. The products of this chemical reaction are one Oxygen and two water. The lowest temperature of the reaction was 24 degrees Celsius, and the highest temperature of the reaction was 37 degrees Celsius. Since the temperature of the chemical reaction increased, it would be an exothermic reaction.

What are the reactants?
Yeast is a variously small, single-celled fungi of the phylum Ascomycota category. Also, hydrogen peroxide is a liquid with no color that is used to bleach wood pulp, cotton, and other textiles.

Chemical reaction chart
Reactants                 Products  

4-Hydrogen                    4-hydrogen
4-Oxygen                       4-Oxygen

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