The Help
Mohamad Khalaifa

Skeeter's strengths are being independent and never giving up. Whenever she applied for the New York writing job, all of her ideas are so called garbage and too original. She is upset from this. She wants to get the job so bad. Even though she is sad, she comes up with an idea that might just work. She decides to write about black women that work for white families. This makes her become an outcast. She is okay with it. The black community accepts her."You is kind, you is smart. You is important" (Stockett 443). The author shows it by making her friends reject her and shun her. Her weakness is keeping a boy. Her mother wants her to go get a job to find a man and to marry. Skeeter meets Stuart and he takes her on a date. He breaks up with her because of the report she is writing. Her mom straightened up the way Skeeter looked. She fixed her hair and got her new clothes. Skeeter does not let this man ruin her dreams.

The setting is an important part of the book. It takes place in the 1960's in Jackson, Mississippi. Slavery may be over, but segregation is not. The dialogue in this book shows how the whites and the blacks were taught. The white people speak appropriate English, while the black people speak slang. For example, Aibileen said, "Law, she come out pale as snow. Grew hair the color a hay" (Stockett 358). Her language is not grammatically correct. Another example is when Hilly said,“You know, its no wonder Stuart Whitworth dropped you” (Stockett 280). The language in this sentence was clear and correct. The segregation limited black with school materials to have knowledge and to grow up and be successful. The blacks were just seen as slaves, even though slavery was illegal. Skeeter and Hilly speak in a southern voice. This is know because they live in the South.

The theme the author is trying to get to us is do not be scared to live your dreams and to stand up and care for others. This is shown when Skeeter wants to become a writer, while her mom wants her to get married. She decides to follow her dream to become a writer even though she will be shunned for it. No one should ever let other people's opinions change who they are. This is what Skeeter decided to do. Skeeter became an outcast and the black accepted her. They cared for her and they loved her. She became an inspiration for them. Skeeter cared for them too.

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