Imagine you walking through a thick green forest you don't expect much wildlife, but off in the distance you see a pack of wolves.


      In this Tackk you will learn about the coolest animal ever, a wolf. I will talk about types of wolves, what the eat, their habitat, and funfacts.

Types of wolves

      There are very many types of wolves. The most common are gray, white, artic, red, and mexican wolf etc. The ones that arent so common are the eropian, great plains, north western, and the eastern timber wolf.  


      Wolves are carnivors which means the only eat meat. Wolves eat many kinds of meat but usaly the number of wolves depends on what the eat. For instance a pack of wolves would eat a bigger animal like a buffilo, elk, moose, caribou, oxen, and bison. A couple wolves would eat something smaller like a deer, goat or sheep. If its one or two wolves they would eat a rabit or bever. Also what the eat depends on where they live.


      Wolves live in many places around the world but were they live usaly depends on the type of wolf. The gray, artic, and white etc. usaly live in cold places because there thick fur coats can withstand the frezzing, of course the euroupian wolf lives in euroupe and the mexican wolf lives in mexico. The red, northwestern, and eastern timber wolves live in warmer regions because of there thiner coats.


      Wolves also have many other interesting facts like the have a dew claw on the back of there legs. It helps them with traction. Also there tail helps them balence when catching there prey. Wolves also live in a pack ranging of 3-20 and wolves and the give bith of 3-14 cubs at a time.


      You now know all about the coolest animal ever, a wolf. Now you can tell someone else about wolves, types of wolves, food, habitat, and some funfacts. Now what are you waiting for, go tell some one!!!! : )


Pack: A group of people or animals.

Traction: Friction between something and a surface.(grip)

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