My First Varsity Tennis Match

2013 was my third year of playing tennis. I began as a freshman knowing not even the fundamentals of the game. For my first two years, varsity always seemed light years away, like it would never be a reality. This year, however was different. I had worked hard all summer and was finally able to be competitive with the top players of the team. But with several new additions to the team as well as returning players it was looking like it was going to be another year of junior varsity for me. Until one night....

I received a phone call from my coach saying there was an injured varsity player and was wondering if I could step up and play in the varsity match the next day. I was ecstatic and told her yes of course.

I played second doubles that day. It was a good match and we fought hard to split sets, each team winning one. Usually at that point a third set would be played, but the coach from the other team insisted on doing a tie breaker instead. We lost in the tie breaker, which resulted in the loss of the match. At that point I couldn't even be mad, because it was just exciting that I was even given the opportunity to play on varsity. It showed me that all of my hard work was worth it, even if it was my only varsity match the whole season. Because of it being a major milestone for me, I'd definitely say this was my biggest accomplishment of 2013.

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