Battlefield Medicine

Carly Cardwell & Andrew Parker


When getting injured in a limb a amputation would be needed. Maggots were used laid onto the wound to eat bacteria and dead flesh, then the cut would be made.

Canteen holding the medicine Quinine

This type of  canteen was often used through the battle fields. This particulate canteen carried Quinine, which is a medicine essential to treating malaria.

Amputation saw

After skin and muscle had  been cut through with a regular knife this saw would cut through the bone.


Chloroform was often used for anesthetic during many surgeries. The surgeon would soak a rag in chloroform  and put  it over the patients mouth. Then the surgery would begin.

Porcelain cup

This is a porcelain cup used to feed medicines to patients.

Doctors carrying case.

This is a doctors amputation kit. The doctors would use these tools from one patient to the next. The tools were not sterile and this cause the spread of infections and diseases.

Pile of limbs.

Once  the doctor had removed the limb it was often just thrown on the ground or outside the tent .

This is a field hospital  the gate  had a arched entrance, and is guarded . Past the entrance there would be tent n both sides which is where  patients were treated .

Field Hospital
Regular youngest presser.

This is a regular tongue presser still used today, the difference is that doctors would go around with same one and put it in every patients mouth. This caused the spread of viruses and diseases.

Wooden stethoscope

This wooden stethoscope was used to monitor breathing and heart rate. The flat piece was placed on the chest or back while the coned end was where the ear of a doctor would go,

Dovers Powder

Dovers powder is a mix of opium and ipecac used to relive pain and induce sweating.

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