Feast in France

Lice come to France for tons of free people!
Its so good it makes you want to dance!

There is a major battle in France everyone is involved. The trenches are full of French soldiers. They try to use a candle to keep you away but they burn their clothes half the time so there is no need to worry. We will have to fight the rats for the people but we will still win. We are the cause for 15% of all the sickness in the British army. I WANT TO HIT 20% IN ONE WEEK. WE ARE LICE NOT MICE. I expect more from you. All lice are welcome. This is the feast of the ages do not miss it. Their is a endless supply of people. Your eggs are safe because the soldiers are unable to get them off. We feed on blood twelve times a day but here you can have as much as you want. Also make sure to lay your 5 daily eggs. The trenches are dirty and disgusting and the perfect place for us. If the soliders try to take a bath the heat from it will just hatch your eggs sooner so there is nothing to fear. The delousing machines do not work. It is a feeding frenzy here do not be left out!

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