Homestead & Summit Environmental Center

This is a signature photo of the entrance to the homestead environmental center.

This is a good view of the major pond at the Homestead Environmental Center. It resembles the overall view of the forest right near the entrance, and is a good overall shot. Our environmental group did a lot around this pond.

At the Homestead Environmental, we adopted trees. This is a close up picture of the leaf I took from the tree.

This is a close up of one of the flowers. I used flower models to make a diagram about the uses of flower parts. This is a good interaction picture because It shows me studying the flower.

This is a sketch I took of the tree I adopted. Our tree is called a Sugar Maple. (Acer, saccharum)

This is a sketch I took of the milkweed plant at the Summit environmental center. This plant is very important because it attracts monarch butterflies to the environmental center.

This is my portrait picture of Luke climbing a tree in the Homestead environmental center. I think this well described the mood and feeling of the center.

This is a nice picture of the Summit environmental center. This concludes my presentation of our time at the summit and homestead environmental center.

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