EDU 210: Module 9 FlexLab

Mlearning tools

VoiceThread App

VoiceThread is an application which allows users to create and share discussions on many types of media through voice and text comments.


The VoiceThread application is a perfect way to provide students with access to learning any time, at any pace, and any place. For example, a student can study a concept by reviewing a voice thread discussion created by the teacher and other students on his/her phone while on the bus.

Animation Creator HD

Animation Creator HD is an easy to use application for the creation of high quality animations.


An underlying principle in any framework or policy for using technology is that it should be used to inspire creativity. An application like this could be used for many purposes in and outside the classroom. For example, students can create a short animation reflecting the principles of a given concept and export it to their teacher to demonstrate their understanding.


MindBlowing is an application for the creation of mind maps.


Mind maps are perfect for visually representing facts and ordering concepts. They make great study tools. This app has great potential as a platform reflecting mlearning. Students can create, modify, and study mind maps anywhere outside the classroom. For example, a student might suddenly think of a question or idea on some concept while outside the classroom and away from the teacher. Instead of forgetting about it, they can quickly and easily add the idea to their mind map on their mobile device to save for future reference.

Mobl 21

Mobl 21 is a mobile application that allows for creation of content and assesment for a variety of devices and platforms.


An application like Mobl 21 is the embodiment of mlearning. It allows students to immerse themselves in knowledge and content or even assessment outside the classroom, on their own time, and at their comfortable pace. For example, a teacher could be creating his/her lesson plan for a certain class but wants students to know a little background and have questions ready. The teacher could send out a quick 2 minute power point presentation and reach their students instantly.

OnPoint Digital

The OnPoint Digital application provides a highly customisable online learning experience with content and assessments.


OnePoint Digital application can be used in education to create and distribute content from the teachers to the student where the student can access it anywhere they have an online connection. For example, if a teacher would like to identify their students comprehension level on a given concept and give them an extra study guide, they could use OnePoint Digital to create a quick quiz and send it to their students.

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