Autonomous University of Sinaloa


Nails in the faculty of architecture we have a big roof that covers the space between the buildings which are the student lounges .
In these classrooms there :
There are chairs , desk, drawing board, air,door,boards , windows and connections.
This faculty also have :
Are there bathrooms
There corridors
There are stairs
There is an auditorium
There is a direction
There is a stationery
There is a library
There is a large computer room
There are spaces called cubicles review
There are parks and flowerpots
There are two shops to eat .

Here are the revision cubicles on the second floor , stationery and address first.
Roofs , flowerpots and classrooms.

Autonomous University of Sinaloa
In the Autonomous University of Sinaloa are many buildings to develop different races.
There is also a large library
There is a gym
There is a large pool
There is a jogging track
There are tennis to football
There are many shops to eat
There are green areas and flowerpots There is parking for each faculty This school has three entrances for vehicles and walking trails for people There are halls for students to move from one place to another
It also has an academic tower, not in school but is part of it.

Autonomous University of Sinaloa

Central Library
jogging track
swimming pool
Corridors or walking trails
Driveway and walking trails
Aacademic tower

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