My Financial Literacy

By: Ryan Cassidy


This is my savings for a month, 6 months, and a year. I calculated the savings for 1 month by taking my monthly income and divided it by .10 (ten hundredths) which is the minimum.I then multiplied by 6 for the 6 month income and then multiplied the 6 month income by 2 to find the yearly income. I am saving more than the minimum because when I was building the budget spread sheet I had extra money so I added the extra money to the savings column.

Car choice

This is the vehicle that I chose for the project. I chose this car because it was a car I liked and had a reasonable total amount of monthly payment of $641 and my budget is about $200 more at $871.

House Hunting

I chose the small house because it was an actual house and had a low per month pay off $1375.00. My budget is about $700 more at $2032.80


This is my budget sheet. We used this to keep track of expences

Grocery list

This is my grocery list.It contains every grocery I will need for the month.


This project is important because I learned how much it actually costs to live as an adult. Also, during the project I found out that money is worth a lot more (figuratively) when you are an adult and that you can't buy everything you want. This project helped me realize that keeping a budget is difficult to keep but is very much worth the amount of work. For the project we First chose a job with a salary. We then found the yearly net income.Then we found the monthly net income.Next we found the savings for 1,6 and 12 months.After that we chose a vehicle.Next we chose a house.Then we make a budget spread sheet (can be seen under "budget"). And finally we make this web site.