Wanna Look Thinner in Evening Dress?

It is a good question for us all. All women want to be thinner, slender along with the fashion trend. Evening dresses indeed have such function when it balanced the body shape. So, for further understanding, we listed the following instructions.


Selecting the appropriate undergarments. Shop around for shape wear that will fit under the gown and not show. Some shape wear designs are made to look like lingerie.

Get a gown that highlights the smallest features of the body, such as the neck, shoulders, and back. These areas tend to age the least aggressively and store less fat than other areas of the body. Off-the-shoulder gowns, halter tops and backless gowns can draw attention away from a large stomach or wide hips.

Consider a dress with an empire waist. This fit draws in just beneath the bust. The fabric falls smoothly over the rest of the body while simultaneously highlighting the thin features up top. It also draws the attention of onlookers to the slimmest part of the stomach.

Use accessories to keep attention away from problem areas. Keep heavier jewelry on the neck and ears and away from the arms (which will hang by the hips and stomach). Limit the amount of jewelry since too much can give the illusion of added bulk.

Highlight the bust with undergarments that push up and separate the breasts. This can present the illusion of a thinner, more attractive body.

Wear an up-do. Hair that hangs over a formal evening gown can add bulk and literally seem to weigh down the body.

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