1920's american dream

Shannon Duggan

American Dream

My american dream is to be on and open road with no traffic and no bullshit to think of and to go as fast as you want with no consequences. to collect as much money as possible and to be famous.

Gatsby's american dream

Gatsby's american dream is to have as must money as he can to impress daisy and win her back from tom. She had to settle for Tom due to the fact that at the time Gatsby was a poor boy and she says "Rich girls don't marry poor boys Jay Gatsby." So he wins her back for the time being.

Point #1
Gatsby Aquarius money as a kid to win back daisy and buys a house across the bay and throws party's all the time hoping that she will wonder in and he can have his women back from Tom.

Point #2
He makes friends with Nick so that he can invite daisy to his house for tea so he can show up and re introduce him self.

Point #3

Gatsby is swimming and hears the phone ring and thinks its daisy and gets shot getting out to answer the phone. He dies knowing that it is daisy choosing him over tom so he thinks that he has won the war over daisy's heart.

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