Hatchet and The Sign of the Beaver.

Hatchet & The Sign of the Beaver

Hatchet and the Sign of the Beaver have different character motivations, realistic events and similar setting.

The first differences between Hatchet and the Sign of the Beaver are different character motivations to survive. Brian motivations to survive were his instinct. For example when Brian had to look for a safe place to sleep. Another instinct that had Brian is when he had to look for the food. Matt was motivated by his friend Attean. For example when attean didn’t want to be separate with matt and brothers forever.

The Sign of the Beaver has more realistic events than Hatchet.

One of the realistic events of The Sing of the Beaver is when Attean teach Matt how to fish with the arrow. There’s a part that Matt shows Attean how to read, write and comprehend a lots of things. A not realistic event from Hatchet is when Brian had to drive a real air plane and landed in and be alive. The last thing that is not true is when Brian had made fire with a hatchet and a normal rock that can’t be true.

Even though they are different have a similar setting.

The two books are located in a forest where there aren’t a lot of people.

At last this book are very different they have different character traits, they also have different realistic events, and the in the only thing that they are similar are in their setting.

I recommend you this book 99% present I give the those notes because they are really interesting and the both books lets you a big massage.

I love them.

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