Inventions of the Industrial revolution

N. Jeakle


Has improved communication. It has allowed people to talk to each other from different places. Lead to present day Cell Phones and Cordless Telephones.

Automobiles are faster than walking or riding a bike if you are going a long way, can carry more than one person, and a large amount of luggage.


The type writer help writers and also to help people in businesses. It soon became used for everyone as a way to type faster.

Edison's first lightbulb

The invention of the lightbulb was a significant because it eliminated candles and oil lamps, and created an easier way to light houses at night.

Edison's phonograph

The phonograph let you make sound recordings.

First handheld camera

The first handheld camera aloud you to use you camera when ever and wherever.

Fist plane liftoff

The Wright brothers sparked the inventions of airplanes which are a faster way to travel.

Dish washer

Lets you wash dishes in a faster way. Also was more organized than hand washing dishes.

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