Yale University By: Solisa Chavez 4th Period Mrs.Mendez

I want to go to Yale University, because it is the only school in America that rivals Harvard in the study of law. I don't want to got to Harvard for religious reasons that clash with my own beliefs. Yale University was started when the need for more colleges was realized and the only schools around ( Harvard and Penn State University ) were too expensive for the average person to afford. The college started out as a conductors school, since train  workers were in big demand as computer engineers are for us, but soon fell to debt in government taxes. A man that the school still gives its appreciation to today for helping them come out of debt is Eli Whitney. He donated most of the schools books and gave money to get it back up on its feet.  No one expected that the school would later turn into one the most prestigious school in America.

Yale Student Life

As a student living on campus you live in a constant intellectual and competitive environment that is always there because of the people who occupy it on a daily basis. However, a sense of community is always there because despite the difference in background and life goals, everyone made it there to be educated by the best for the best possible life that is offered in our own ideology. This school has captured the sense that you are among like minded people who are just as determined, smart, and talented as you. This is a benefit to the average Yalie, because it is a lot like a life lesson: which is to always be on your guard because there are people who may be better at your job than you are. I think this is a beneficial mentality to have due to the fact that the education you receive from attending Yale, prepares you to be competitive for the best jobs available and the Yale student life environment trains you for the real world.

There are attributes to being a student at Yale University that are less intimidating than what I have previously mentioned. For instance, this university understands that the mind, body and soul, all need rest from time to time; on campus they offer students the means of relaxation with a gym, spa, food court, etc. While competitive, students here understand that not everyone is an enemy or opponent that is meant to be defeated and find that life long friendships are fused with one another.

Future Jobs

I have always loved working with computers and I enjoy beating like minded people in an intellectual argument. This has resulted in me wanting to be a corporate lawyer and a computer engineer. These future life occupations interest me because as a person I want to always be challenged and never let life get boring for me. These jobs offer exactly that. Working with technology is always exciting in the sense that something new is continually being found and discovered.

Always looking for challenging adventures in life, I am drawn to these two totally opposite fields. Becoming a corporate lawyer would cause me to never let my guard down and that in itself would help me maintain my mind sharp. Corporate lawyers work long hours and seem to never rest, but even so, what they do is interesting to me. because of all that they must defend in there work and how they go about doing it. They always find ways to one up one another.

Job Description

As a corporate lawyer the amount that you get payed yearly depends on what the employee

Letter of Intent

Solisa Chavez

3918 Bliss Ave.

El Paso, Texas, 79903

(915) 433-8723




3918 Bliss Ave.

El Paso, Texas

To Whom It May Concern,

I am responding to the employment opportunity listed outside your establishment on 123 W Mills Ave. Please except this letter and accompanying resume as evidence of my interest for a position among your current Staff. I feel that my experience in working under pressure with a many people has prepared me for being an asset to your organization. I am looking an honest that will add to my experience to my career profile. Here are some prominent qualities that I possess that I would bring to this position. I am confident that these key strengths make me the ideal choice for this job.

At my church there is a café establishment that is set up inside the building and I volunteer there. A lot of the time right after and before service there is big wave of people that come and order from us. My position there is to take orders, make the beverages, and get more supplies when we run out; not once while I have been working there have I failed to do any of these tasks. In this environment I have to communicate and work with my co-workers in order to get the jobs given to give our customers quality service. Where I volunteer also comes with the challenge of learning and creating new beverages and while this can be frustrating, I do so without complaint. These examples show that I am a disciplined, eager, great team worker and leader.

I would appreciate you for your consideration of my credentials and I welcome the chance to meet with you to hear more about your company, the position, and how I can fit in with your current employment team.


Solisa Chavez



Solisa Chavez

Career Objectives

I want to obtain a job that will teach me honest work and will give me some pointers with dealing with people. The employment in general is meant to help me get a better idea of the working world and also at some to point learn to be great asset to the or any establishment that will I work with.

Education History

July 2014 - May 2015

Pebble Hills High School
El Paso, Texas

Volunteer Experience

Apr. 2015 - June 2015

Emily Cancellare
Cookie Disputer
El Paso, Texas

Skills & Abilities

» Able to multitask