1) What will 2015 hold for you? Our world

My first goal I thought for 2015, was to get more A's than any other grades combined, because I realized that when I study and focus on work, I can do excellent no matter what.

My second goal is to finish what I started, and by that I mean the exchange program. Its already been an amazing four months, but I still got five more left, so I need to continue striving and end it in the best way possible.

Finally, my third goal is to adjust back into my other life in Argentina, something that will be really tough but it will be a great challenge. This is because it will be a whole year without  seeing my family and my friends, and people change a lot during a year, specially teenagers. I will also be something new for my friends and family.

I think that this year will be great according to scientific discoveries and facts. I think their will also be a lot of changes according to the use of energy and global warming, because in the past year discoveries have showed that if we continue like this, we will basically die by the year 2100.

2) What will our world look like 26 years from now? What do you predict for 2041?

I think that in 26 years life will be based on technology. Their will be flying cars, pollution will decrease, and many environmental problems can be solved by the new technology advances. I also think that plans to inhabit in a new planet will start to become real and amazing things about the universe will be revealed.

I alsohave an other version in my mind. It will be a planet reigned by the most powerful people, wars will be constant and respurces will be scarce all around. I hope that my first idea comes true, but our activities nowadays can point us in any direction.

It will be decided by time.

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