The Arabian Peninsula

In the hot sun you need to be able to survive by getting the right clothing and animals. In a desert there is not a lot of water and it is dusty, so these decisions are crustal for your survival. Here are some tips for surviving in a desert that I have learned.


~ They wear long flowy clothing and a headdress that protects them from heat, flies, and dust

~ They also choose animals that they could live off of, such as camels, goats, and sheep

In an Oases there is water and vegetation, they are hard to find but they are great for animals and growing crops to keep you alive. Here are some tips to living in them.


~They grow plants such as dates, herbs, peaches, and grains to make bread

~ They used the leafs from the date trees to make shade They also used the wood from the date trees to make houses. Some trees were used to make fuel for the fire.

In the Coastal Plains there is a lot of water and vegetation like an Oases but this on is here to stay. This place it is damp and rainy. Here are some tips on how to live in the Coastal Plains.


~ Farming of grains, fruit, and veg

~ Extensive sea trade

~ Wells, dams and irrigation

You should make these things if you are wanting to live here  pertinently.

Living in the mountains there is cool tempters and dry air so here are some tips for helping you live in the mountains.

~ Dams, irrigation, and storage of rainwater

~Farming of melons, pomegranates , and other fruit

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