Atmosphere- By Dakota Pankonin

there are 4 layers in the atmosphere.

The resson  the temperature changes is cus of the outer core of the earth and you are getting closer to the sun.

The reson the atmosphere is good for us cus it kepes the gasses from going in space if they did we would die.

Nitrogen takes up 78% of it and oxygen  makes up 21% then there argon-0.934% carbon dioxide-0.038% water vapor makes up 0.002%

The greenhouse effect heats the earth because greenhouse gases absorb outgoing radiative energy and re-emit some of it back towards earth.

thermosphere:it is the hotest layer of the 4 layers it has the northern lights.

mesosphere:it protects us from metors it drops in tempeicher when u go higher.

stratosphere:Gets Warmer as u go higher ozone takes in heat from the sun

troposphere:weather ocurs here gets colder as u go higher contains 90% of mass We Live here.

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