Chapter 2 Project


As an owner of the business, i would like to minimize and maximize many profits and costs to satisfy the costumers.

Activity 1:

For the Sizzlin' Sauce sauce that I bought 1050 green peppers and 1200 hot chili peppers. The inequality y<= -5/4x+262.6 and y<= -1/2x+150. Both x and y equals 0. With the solution of (0,0) you would have 1050 green peppers, and 1200 hot chili peppers left over.

Activity 2:

With the vertex of (0, 150) would use 150 pints of red hot sauce, and 75 pints of scorchin' hot sauce. Therefore, the maximum profit would be about $255.

Activity 3:

1pt of tomato sauce: $2.20

Green pepper diced: $.57

Chili pepper seeded and diced: $.50

I would set my products to be $7.05 for the Hot sauce and $8.48 for the Scorchin' sauce. The reason those prices would maintain my profit is because with all the ingredients added into the sauce, i wouldn't be losing any money from the purchase.

Activity 4:

I would likely sell my product to the local grocery or speciality store. The market organization would buy 288 pints about every 8 weeks. In addition the speciality stores could buy 60 pints every 4 weeks. Any other convient store could invest in about 24 pints a week.

To maintain and obtain these orders i would have to produce about 75 pints each week.

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