San Francisco

Im going to San Francisco

it is 1,804.3 mi to san francisco I have to fill up 6 times the during trip it cost $294 to fill up on the way there

Day one wake up gat in the car go fill up $49 stop at mc donalds  $20

6 hours in We stop for lunch at dickeys bbq $50 fill U\up again 49 $

4 hours fill up again $49 4 more hours stop for dinner at olive garden $70 fill up again

2 hours stop at the Baymont inn $150

Wake up the next morning eat the "good" and free breakfast looks great fill up $49

8 more hours and another fill up where in the city

We check in the four seasons hotel and the price is $425 a night where go to the Japanese tea garden and spend $40 then go back to the hotel wakeup go to the ripley's believe it or not museum which cost $50 each then go to the mall and spend $200 then go eat lunch at Eats and spend $70 then to the exploratorium witch cost $200 eat dinner at Forbes Island which cost $170 go back to the hotel and sleep

the next day we go to aquarium of the bay $128 next we go to the sf giants game in the dugout box which cost $1,000 for the dugout box then eat are last dinner in san francisco at Sanraku $185 then $294 for gas on the way back and $150 for the hotel