The women in the snow inference chart

I think the story is about a black women who losses her son or something happens to her family .

"That gal should have gone home like I told her "  (260) he is trying to tell him self that his decision was right and it was her fault she died.

"His light picked up a woman running in the snow the same woman he'd seen the previous year ". (261)  I think this part she is hunting him for leaving her.

"He thought he saw Eula Mae Daniel smile as she vanished into the swirling snow, never to be seen again" (266).  I think this quote shows that she appreciated what he did for her.

"Come on honey get out of the cold"  (264 )I think this quote shows how he felt bad for her and wanted to help her .

"I owe this job to a little woman just about your size named MrS. Rosa Parks" (265) this quote shows how he is telling her he helped her cause somebody help him.

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2 years ago

Afrah, make sure you include what you infer with each one of these quotes. Finding the quote is only half the job! See me if you have questions, please.

2 years ago

Good job fixing it, Afrah! Check your last sentence above then tell me what two mistakes you made. Then I'll give you your points for this!😄