Places Luke Fecko has been.

Even though you end up having a lot of fun at vacation the hardest part is the waiting to get down there.

There has been many different areas Luke Fecko has been. The map will show you were I have been and tell you what I did.

I have been to the Outer Banks, North Carolina. We stayed at a hotel right by the ocean and what we did was every morning we would go on the beach for the whole day and throw the jellyfish back in the ocean screaming "Save the jellyfish."

Wild wood New Jersey is probably the best place I have ever been to because where we were staying we could just walk down to the beach and boardwalk. Most of the nights we would go down to the boardwalk and just go on the rides, play games, and eat food. Almost every morning we would go to the water park or go to the beach.   

On our way down to New Jersey we felt like we should stop in Philadelphia for a while before we head down to New Jersey.

In Naples me and my family wanted to go see our grandparents before the moved to Florida from Ohio. We stayed with our grandparents for a week and had a blast. Everyday we went to the beach and gathered sea shells to remember Florida, and went on a T.V show. We went to many different water parks and went greyhound racing.

Washington D.C was the 1st vacation I have been out of Ohio. When we where there we went to go see all the monuments and went shopping. I remember when we where there we got doughnuts and asked a homeless man if he wanted any but said "No thanks."

Buffalo isn't really somewhere we spent a lot of time at because we went there because we visited my cousin who's grandpa that just died and he used to be in the MLB. On our way back we stopped at Krispy Kreme and applebees because there wasn't any place other to go.

Probably the best part about these vacations is all the food and spending time with your family.

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